Monday, September 10, 2007

Bike Tour

Today my program hosted a bike tour of Paris. I eagerly registered and while I looked forward to exploring the city on a bike I was worried about how exactly it would pan out – I’ve seen bikers on major streets and I did not think I was capable of accomplishing a feat. Luckily our bike tour was of the 13th, 14th and 15th Arrondissements, where smaller streets are plentiful. Our guide was adorable and would stop every so often to tell us little stories and point out highlights. She was so animated and was a great storyteller. The stories she told were just cute little snapshots that made the tour more personable. Rather than pointing out the major sites she gave us the insider’s edition. She pointed out a famous house where only certain people are allowed to live – and later told us it was a prison! Lucky for us the weather in Paris today was beautiful! Not too warm but not too chilly – the perfect weather for a bike ride. After the tour some girls and I ventured into the Latin Quarter for dinner. I love exploring new areas of the city and finding new places. The Latin Quarter is very lively and exciting with lots of delicious restaurants (well everything seemed wonderful but it could have been the fact that we just finished a 3 hour bike ride!). We ate at a falafel/pita shop. There are plenty of places in Paris with huge slabs of meat – you go up and order a sandwich and they literally saw off some meat for you. Sounds disgusting but is surprisingly delicious!! The place was so much more laid back than I’m used to. The lady didn’t expect us to pay and had we wanted to we could have ate and left without paying. Of course we were good children – we enjoyed our dinner and paid on the way out. We wandered around a bit more and then stumbled upon this gelato stand. The mango gelato I had tasted as though I was eating a fresh mango! All the flavors were wonderful! If you’re ever in Paris make sure you find out the location because you should not miss out! They even put in it a little flower design for you.

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Loulou said...

Hi Lara !
Souns like you were rue Mouffetard - that ice cream place is famous ! Glad you're having such a good time here :)