Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lastest Excitement

The highlight of my trip has been my class trip to the original luxury shops of Paris. On Wednesday my Haute Couture class met at the Palais Royal and we toured the shopping areas by the palais. It was breathtaking to be in stores that have existed for many centuries - I love being surrounded by all the history of Paris. We saw Didier Ludot - the famous little black dress shop (the designer creates a "line" of vintage black dresses that fit a theme - this year is Audrey Hepburn so he features dresses that resemble movies she has been in). And of course his vintage clothing and accessories stores. We also saw Marc Jacobs, a famous toy store and just beautiful little shops. I wanted to ditch the class and just do some shopping (but luckily for my credit card the shops were all closed). If you are in Paris I would definitely recommend stopping by the Palais Royal to look around. And you know, maybe make a purchase or two (if you can't find anything you like you're more than welcome to send something my way, hehe).

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