Friday, September 21, 2007

The Metro - oh what fun!

For the first time I’m actually living in a city where I can take public transportation anywhere I need to go (and it’s my sole mode of transportation, well besides my feet). Although I love it – it’s so nice to not to need a car…or someone with a car to get around – it’s not to say there have been no interesting experiences. Today I was reflecting on my adventures and thought you may enjoy to hear about them.

  • There seems to always be some sort of street performer in the metro station or on the metro. There’s a whole orchestra that performs regularly in the Châtelet station (where I do lots of transfers and see them quite often). I’ve seen one performer multiple times – he has a little karaoke speaker type thing that he uses to sing off the wall songs. I think they may be Persian songs too. I’ve also seen clowns who can juggle. They all expect money from you too for their WONDERFUL performances!!
  • The other day I got on the metro and this guy got on too. He started to preach loudly (and rather angrily) about something in French. I had no idea what was going on and for a split second he was saying some sort of farewell prayer before he blew the train up. Luckily though he was simply asking for spare change. Quite the fright!
  • People sleep on the metro. And I don’t just mean quick naps. I mean full on fall asleep and start snoring. I sat next to a man today and of out no where he let out a loud ZZZZZZ snore – it was so loud he woke himself up.

    My new favorite hobby is spotting Americans on the metro. It’s quite easy as they usually speak English loudly and can’t figure out where to go. Wow, am I actually making fun of my own kind??? But really if you come to Paris make sure you figure out the details of your trip before you board the metro and try not to yell English loudly – it will help you blend in!

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Anonymous said...

I visit Paris every few years (and no, I don't get lost in the Metro and I don't shout in English... :) but I know exactly what you are talking about.
Last time I was there I played in the Metro, too - it was so much fun! There was an amazing accordeon player who was frequantly at the Champs Elises station.
Give my regards to Paris...

All the best,

'Saw Lady'