Friday, October 19, 2007

Current Excitements

Studying abroad is such a roller coaster of emotions, well at least it is for me. One second I'll be having the time of my life and the next I'll be incredibly homesick. But generally the emotions are far more happy than depressed! Today I was thinking of all I have to look forward to and realized the list is LONG!!! My current excitements include a dinner party, a trip to Italy (Florence and Rome here I come!! and maybe Sienna, Venice, and Pisa!), seeing my mom/sister/brother and showing them around my new home, video chats with my best friends from home, Thanksgiving (as sad as I am I'm missing it at home I'm glad I get to celebrate here), a trip to Prague to see one of my best friends from home, falafel (our place just reopened after being closed for 2 weeks) and a little over two more months in the most wonderful city!! The list could go on forever but those are just the highlights. Being away from my friends at school (and home) makes me realize how special they are. I can't wait to get back to UCLA and give each of them a hug! Going abroad has been such a great experience and I've learned so much about myself and other people in my life. It's helped me grow in ways I never imagined were possible. And it's not quite half way over! I can't wait for what's still to come. I just hope I don't freeze to death before December 22!!

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