Monday, October 15, 2007


ARE AMAZING!! I just have to say being abroad has made my realize how truly wonderful the people in my life are. I've always considered myself lucky to have met such great people at UCLA (and Irvine) but being away from them has proven just how special they are. I had an amazing weekend but Mondays are never the best day. After a slightly crazy day I was overwhelmed and so relieved to have an e-mail from my best friend. Imagine my surprise when it was a video message! Not only a note to say hello but I got to see him!! I'll admit I'm a huge dork and have replayed it multiple times already! Another friend has sent me two videos and we skype every so often! Even though I can't walk out my door and knock on hers it's so wonderful to see her and hear her voice! I cannot wait to get back to westwood and just play with my besties. But until then I'll live it up in PARIS!!! But in all seriousness I am the luckiest girl in the world with the sweetest friends!! I love you all and miss you terribly!! Je t'aime muchisisisisisisisisisisisisisisimo!!!

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