Sunday, July 13, 2008

Breakfast and Brunch

Although I've lived in Berkeley for 5 weeks, I'm still not the best person to ask where to eat. I've stumbled upon some gems (with many thanks to my friends who go to Berkeley) but for the most part I couldn't tell you the best places to eat at. College Ave. is overloaded with adorable cafes and charming restaurants but the parking is hard to come by and it's not exactly walking distance from the main part of Berkeley. Yesterday morning my parents asked me where we should eat breakfast. Well the hotel had a restaurant and I knew of Noah's Bagels but neither were satisfying my parents' hunger. I asked the hotel concierge for a place and he recommended Cafe Durant - just a few hundred feet from our hotel. My friends and I had been there while in Berkeley for the UCLA/Cal game last year. I apparently didn't remember that Cafe Durant is more of a hungover college student's ideal breakfast place not a middle-aged parent's choice to eat. My mom was horrified I took her to a place with faded pictures of the menu and my dad kept laughing that the place was called both Cafe Durant and Cafe Durante, I guess in honor of it's Mexican-American theme. I won them over when I took them to La Note this morning for Brunch. My mom couldn't stop raving about the eggs, my dad enjoyed his whole breakfast and my sister was addicted to the raspberry jam. I will admit my Lemon Gingerbread Pancakes today were way more delicious than my breakfast burrito yesterday morning.

picture from Penelope's Loom's flickr

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