Friday, July 25, 2008

Diana Dreamer Camera

It's always been a secret dream of mine to be a super star photographer. I took a photography class in middle school and enjoyed the process of developing my own photos but sadly I never developed a talent of taking pictures. While I love my digital camera I'd kill for an old school film camera. I was browsing Urban Outfitters today looking for a handbag I saw in the store and came across this camera. The color is dreamy and it looks fun. I only wish I knew more about cameras to know if this was just a cheap one or something I should actually consider buying. Any input? I can't get over the color, and well the connection to Diana.


ToffeeStain said...

It's a pretty old post but I stumbled across it during a Google search and I say that you should GO FOR IT. The very first time I ever used the Diana I took three great pictures out of twelve, which is a lot better than I could say for my other film camera! (Usually one or two out of thirty six!) If you want to develop a talent for photography then I highly recommend this little plastic camera. It's a joy.

wheeler said...

i have been longing for this lit toy for so long, guess the key point is its dreamy color. because of her, i started to search info of lomo camera. if u consider to play camera, holga120 might be a good choice too. its more like a toy than diana plus its cheaper. however, i still cant get over diana's delicated coverage and the way it present. so i think im goin to get this lit lady soon and hope we all enjoy being our own photographers:))