Saturday, August 9, 2008

UC Berkeley

The majority of Berkeley is a little too grungy for me but today I was walking home from a coffee shop and decided to stroll through the campus. I was stunned by the beauty. It's lush green trees and grass and beautiful (well most of it was beautiful) architecture. I seriously fell in love. I don't think my pictures do it justice - it was such a perfect sunny day. The clock tower

I'm pretty sure this is Haas School of Business
A laboratory I believe - I love the circle building The infamous trees that are causing quite a commotion and the outdated stadium. They want to tear down the stadium and rebuild it and in the process the trees will have to be cut. There's way too many tree-sitters and protesters who claim the trees are sacred. The stadium is way scary (when we came up for the Cal-UCLA football game I was scared it was going to fall apart) and in need of a major renovation. Hopefully they can come to an agreement and get the ball rolling.

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