Friday, April 10, 2009


Easter is quite possibly my favorite holiday. I think it's a result of my love of spring time, chocolate and pastel colors or maybe because I was born on Easter but I just love the holiday.  When I was picking colleges, one of my concerns was being able to make it home to celebrate Easter with my family.  If I had to pick one thing as my favorite part of Easter, it is absolutely, hands-down, Dyeing Easter Eggs.  

Yes, I'm almost 22 and just graduated from UCLA and I still beg my parents to let me dye eggs.  Last Easter my Dad thought his children were all mature enough and past dyeing eggs but oh was he wrong.  The Saturday before Easter, I freaked when I realized we didn't have any dye kits and anxiously ran out to buy one.  This year I bought two, a month ago.  Papa D. learned his lesson about his oh so mature children.  

Going along with my love of Easter, my mom and I were at Gelson's buying flour to make Easter cookies, when I spotted this little cake.  If it didn't have a price tag of $32.95 I would have snatched it up.  Instead I snapped a pic and sent it to two of my friends who now officially think I'm loco.  But how could you not love a bunny cake to celebrate Easter??

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