Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A lot has happened in the past few weeks

I graduated from UCLA....well I finished classes but I won't walk until June. My brothers constantly remind me I haven't technically graduated, but I think it still counts...

Went to Chicago with two of my best friends for "Spring Break" - well their spring break and my "real life break" to ease the transition from college to the real world.

and planned a 5K at UCLA raising money for the Mattel Children's Hospital. It was an early morning (I had to be there at 3 AM!!) but it was a big success. We raised a significant amount of money for the hospital and as this picture shows, my best friends were there to support me.

And now I've moved back home with the Mom and Pops. I'm planning to teach swim lessons in a few weeks until I start my real job. I'm hoping to practice my cooking skills in the mean time.

Oh, and I've fallen in love with Edward Cullen. Yes, I joined that cult and read all four books. It's highly embarrassing and I don't like to admit it but it's true...

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