Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clinique Bottom Last Mascara

My sister and I each wanted to have the current gift with purchase at Clinique counters at Nordstrom. I have a well stocked bathroom of every beauty product imaginable and couldn't decide what to buy. I stocked up on a few basics but wasn't at the limit so I picked up the newest mascara. My sister told me it was completely unnecessary, but I still bought it. Sephora says, "A mascara with a brush specifically designed for coating the bottom lashes. This mascara's brush was engineered to grasp even the tiniest of bottom lashes; its expert formula resists pesky smears"
I love it because it's quick, easy and no need to use a q-tip to erase my mistakes. Plus it's cute as can be. I still love my Dior DiorShow Mascara for the top lashes, but this new one can't be beat for the bottom!

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