Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting Ready and Good Byes

I don't know if I'll ever be ready to leave. On one hand I'm completely, utterly excited to go but on another, I'm incredibly nervous. It's just like starting college over - while my friends will be having dinner parties and tailgating I'll be alone in a far away place, hopefully meeting new people and going on outrageous adventures. I guess I'll have to ignore my fears and just get pumped!!

Today I did some shopping (ummmm how can I travel without buying new things????) and said good bye to Brenna. She leaves tomorrow morning for Rome and I can't wait to be reunited in Europe!!! We're hoping to get to Greece but we may have a CRAZY adventure elsewhere.

Tomorrow I'm off to LA to say good bye to my bestest friends. I'm beyond thrilled to see them but good byes are never any fun. I'm just hoping there will be no tears.

I got more program arrival details! I can't wait to be situated in Paris in my cute little apartment and exploring the city. I'm looking forward to the crisp warm days of fall and the coldness of winter. Finally I get to exhibit adorable fashions of cooler climates! I've been waiting my whole life for this moment!! I've been researching the fashions in Paris and obsessively planning what to pack. Knowing me I'll have an outfit scheduled for every day. ha.

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Paloma said...

Have you arrived in Paris yet? Good luck! I can't wait to here about your adventures. :)