Thursday, September 6, 2007

CEA Classes

I just started classes today. So far I really am excited about the different classes I’m taking. I’m in a Haute Couture class, an Art History class, a Human Rights/International Relations class and a history class focusing on the architecture of Paris. Oh and of course French. Seriously stoked about them! My haute couture class is taught by a little British woman who has worked in costume design and has lots to teach about the history of fashion – I hope this class helps me pursue some sort of career related to fashion. The art history class overlaps with Boime’s class but we take weekly trips to museums throughout Paris to study the art so I’m beyond excited to see it all up close. The human rights class seems like it has the potential to be a bit boring but we have to right a research paper about some sort of International Relations issue and I’m hoping to have the chance to research AIDS and see how it’s an issue relating to Human Rights. I’m already practicing lots of French! I can speak some and have even made the attempt to order in French.
The picture here is the entrance to my school. It’s in this historical building with a beautiful courtyard. It seriously is so serene and lovely. Makes me excited to go to class. The building itself was just finished and it’s pretty small. There are like 5 classrooms and a lounge for us. I take all my classes here – it’s very intimate; much different from UCLA. I kinda like it though.

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