Thursday, September 6, 2007

Exploring Paris

I had no idea how different each arrondisement of Paris would be from one another. Each one has a certain feeling and I’ve learned the best way to experience them is to explore the city. I can’t exactly describe the feeling of each one but they each have a sort of distinction about them. As you know Paris is made up of 20 different districts – the numbers start in the center of the city and spiral outward. My particular neighborhood is very relaxed yet has a sense of travel to it. I can’t pinpoint the exact sense but I like the feeling. One of my favorite activities has recently become taking night strolls to burn off a few calories after dinner. It’s nice to live in a city where I can get anywhere I need to be either by a quick metro ride or a leisurely stroll. The weather has been nice (even though Lizzy told me it looked depressing, I’ve been enjoying it) and just the other day when I had to go by books rather than trying to figure out how to transfer metros, which stop to take and all that headache I took a walked from school through the Latin Quarter to get to the bookstore. It’s nice to people watch (and the French are oh so intriguing to watch). If I walked this much in LA I would most likely die from pollution intake (or exhaustion from merely having to walk so far to get where I need to go).

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