Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rain in the City

If you come to Paris they tell you to expect rain. I figured it would rain a few times while I was here but I had no idea about rain in the city at all. So far it has rained twice since I’ve been here and each time I’ve been so surprised at how adapted to rain the city is. Today as we were leaving to go to the grocery store it began drizzling. So we packed our umbrellas and hoped the rain wouldn’t last much longer. It seemed we were the only people in Paris not completely prepared for the weather. Parents with children in strollers have little plastic linings that protect their babies from the rain. Parisians are so used to rain they don’t even flinch when down pour hits, yet the Americans were freaking out at the tiniest amount of drizzle. But we will adapt and become as slick as the Parisians!! I'm currently on the hunt for a super cute pair of wellies too!!

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Grandma Maxine, San Diego said...

Mi amore,
Rain, what is that. Here in California USA it rains but we don't see it. it sounds like real fun.
Nana Maxine