Monday, September 24, 2007


Considering how obsessed with Target I am I knew I would love Monoprix. Monoprix, France's version of Target, is absolutely wonderful. They sell all sorts of yummy foods, clothes, lingerie, make-up, bath goodies and unlike target produce and fresh meats and cheeses. I needed some food and convinced a friend to make the journey to Monoprix. I was not let down.

I've never spent so long on a yogurt aisle trying to decide what to buy (but maybe that was just because I couldn't understand the differences and wanted to make sure I didn't end up with something scary - but luckily I made a wise choice). Something about French markets is far more exciting than the US. Perhaps it's because I feel like I can bargain shop here (always picking the cheapest of everything simply because I can't tell a difference so why pay more?) - or that I'm actually doing grocery shopping for myself to make meals that feeds the excitement.

Despite my attempts to blend in I always end up making a food of myself and today was no different. I needed shampoo and bought conditioner (who knew that Shampoo is shampooing and conditioner is après-shampooing. I saw shampooing and was stoked I figured it out....not so excited when I got home). And for some reason I cannot speak French and when asked a simple question rather than simply replying Oui or Non I stumble and awkwardly blurt sí. Luckily the French take pity on me and don't laugh (well they wait until I leave the store)...

Please excuse me while I enjoy my brie and crackers.

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so funny.

"errr. yo soy de california?!"
i mean, je viens de californie, oui!

<3 Mattie