Friday, September 28, 2007

A Perfect Friday

After my exciting night last night (taking a warm shower to keep me toasty - Paris has been freezing, sipping tea, and watching Friends - let me tell you wild times for me!!) I decided I needed to get out and do something actually interesting today. I woke up relatively early and was excited to hear rain outside. Nothing is more peaceful than sitting in bed under the warm covers (thanks to the sheets I finally managed to purchase!) listening to rain drops. My friend and I decided to go shopping (I needed to stock up on warm weather clothing), get some yummy lunch and see a Barbie exhibit at a museum. So we went to H&M and Zara and I managed to find some adorable sweaters! I want it to stay cold so I can enjoy my new finds. I guess I could get used to the cold now!! Then I had the yummiest sandwich - breaded chicken, cheese, and lettuce on ciabatta bread with tiramisu! The best tiramisu I've had!!! Then one of the girls from UCLA stumbled upon a place like pinkberry in the Marais so we went on adventure to find it. Oh my goodness it was absolutely wonderful to eat! It felt like I was in Westwood enjoying Pinkberry - they even had mangoes!! No mochi though but I will definitely be going back!! My friends and I then made our way to the Barbie exhibit. It was interesting to see - nothing spectacular but funny to see some of the toys I played with as a child. All in all the outing was worth my wet cold toes. I think I actually may be starting to enjoy the rain!! gasp! Tonight should be low key seeing as we're leaving at 7:15 for Mont St. Michel tomorrow morning!!

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