Monday, October 1, 2007

My New Home

This weekend my school had a trip for us to Saint Malo and Mont St. Michel (and Rennes and Normandy too) and I found my new home. Saturday night we stayed in the most adorable town, Dinard. It was absolutely beautiful. Right on the water with cute little cottages. I want to move there - or at least have a vacation home there. How perfect would life be waking up to the smell of the ocean and having a beautiful home?? The restaurant we ate at had pretty good food (the salad was delicious, the chicken was alright and the dessert was to die for). I love the multi-course meals at French restaurants. I feel so spoiled getting all the food. The town itself reminded me of a mix of San Francisco (well specifically Sausalito and Mill Valley), Michigan and Pennsylvania. An interesting mix but it works. Until I get my vacation home I'll be day dreaming of waking up with this picture is the view out my windows.

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