Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yesterday one of the classes was taking a trip to Versailles and my architecture professor informed us we were welcome to join as long as we bought our own metro ticket. Of course I leaped at the opportunity!! I was so impressed and awe-struck at the size and grandeur of the palace. I can't believe people during that time period were able to dream up such an outrageous castle and build such a thing. Versailles is HUGE!! And everything in it is extravagent and over the top. There is gold detailing on the walls, furniture, linens. The ceilings are beautiful paintings. Every little corner is gorgeously detailed. I'm running out of words to describe it but I was amazed by it. The castle was built to exhibit Louis XIV's supreme power and rule and boy does it show that. Anyways, here are some exciting pictures - they're of the chapel, a ceiling in one of the rooms, a friend Oona and I in the Hallway of Mirrors, The Gardens, detailing on one of the corners

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Matt C. said...

i told you it was amazing!!!