Friday, November 16, 2007


Coming abroad has been hard on my fashion creativity. For one, I could only bring two suitcases of clothing (and I had to be able to carry them!) so that left me with very few clothes for four months. After I packed my mom came up to my room and was shocked at the amount of clothes I left behind. But in my defense, I couldn't bring most of my clothes because they would leave me far too cold. I had planned to do insane amounts of shopping while I was here but then the reality of the dollar vs. the euro hit me and I realized I'd be spending far too much money shopping here. So alas, I'm beyond bored with the clothes I have with me and can't wait to return home to my closet loaded with my favorite belongings! While my mom was in Paris we were discussing Christmas and I couldn't think of anything I wanted. Usually I ask for new clothes with I feel like Christmas will come early - well by 3 days - because I get to have all of my favorites the instant I get home! It's killing me though seeing all these fashionable ladies in Paris and having all sorts of fashion inspiration all around me and not enough clothes to recreate the looks. I can't wait to get home and play!

On the topic of fashion, I have to write a final paper for my fashion class and can't think of anything to discuss. It has to relate to fashion somehow and there are endless possibilities but nothing pops out at me. Any ideas?


sarah luetto said...

Lara- your website is so cute! I love all of your Italy stuff... It really made me miss Florence and being abroad in general hearing that you went to all of my fave places. As for your fashion paper I wrote a paper on fashion icons and their influence on fashion marketing. I was pretty fun to research too! Or you could even write about Parisian vs. American style and designers. Anyways best of luck and be sure to live it up this last month! I can't wait to see pics.

PS do you ever read the blog its amazing!

Mattie C.! said...

this is SUPER random, but write about scarfs! seriously though. We in America don't wear them like my french professor talks about the Frenchies loving them.

eh, haha. but i like "sarah luetto's" idea.

you can research American and French fashion because they are quite different.