Friday, November 16, 2007


I just was counting down the days left in Paris and realized I only have 36 days left in this fabulous city! I'm no where near ready to leave and quite saddened that my time has nearly disappeared. In an effort to fully experience Parisian life my friend and I decided to do something fabulous and adventurous every day. Today my outing was a trip to the Museum of Decorative Arts to see the Christian Lacroix exhibit. It was nicely set up - they had a bunch of different displays with various garments. His pieces were on mannequins in the front and stood in front of historical pieces from all sorts of designers. Hard to describe but overall enjoyable. My friends and I hurried through the exhibit because we were looking forward to a trip to McDonald's. I can't remember the last time I had it at home but the Royal with Cheese was quite yummy this afternoon! Surprisingly better than I expected!

This weekend's adventure is a trip to Brussels and Bruges with my school. I can't wait for mussels and frites and waffles with the works!! I just hope I don't freeze while I'm there (the weather is expected to be about 8°C and rainy...)

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