Sunday, November 4, 2007


So after spending a week in Italy I'm a little bit sad that I didn't study there. I fell in love with Florence (thanks to some wonderful recommendations from a friend who studied there last year). I loved the city and had so much fun exploring all the hot spots. We had wonderful food (I'll post all the locations so you can be sure and check them out) - lots of pasta, pizza and GELATO! mmmm. I think I gained at least 10 pounds on the trip. I saw almost all the major hotspots (didn't get to see the Uffizi but that only means I'll have to go back!).

We spent one day in Cinque Terre - absolutely gorgeous little villages along the Mediterranean Sea. We did a 90 minute hike between Monterosso and Vernazza. It was breathtaking to be in the lush green gardens right next to the sea. It was perfect weather too! We took trains to the other towns to make sure we would get to see them. Pesto originated here as well so we indulged in a delicious meal of pesto with gnocchi - so tasty!! We also sat on a beach front bar sipping mojitos thinking of how lucky we are. My favorite town was Corniglia - each town was colorful and quaint but Corniglia was the most beautiful!

Monday we took a trip to Siena for the day. A friend of mine studied there and I had never heard of it before and just assumed it was some lame small town in Tuscany but it was so cute and pretty and I'm jealous he got to spend a semester there. We took a bus to Siena and I fell asleep on the way there only to wake up in the middle of Tuscany - it was everything I imagined. The town is one of the few places in Italy not centered around a church (the center piazza houses the city hall instead). We wandered around and ended up on the outskirts with the prettiest views of Siena.

The last few days I was in Rome. At first I was overwhelmed and didn't like Rome as much as I had expected to but after spending a little over two days there I fell in love. We did all the tourist things (except the Sistine Chapel - due to the holiday there was a HUGE line and we didn't have time) - the Colessum, the Forum, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese and much more! I became addicted to suppli (fried balls of rice with marinara sauce and mozzerella cheese in the center) - sooo delish!

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