Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Being gone from France for so long I forgot how much I hate the smell of smoke. French people smoke far more than any other country. While in Italy I never came home smelling like smoke because people just don't smoke there like they do here. But Paris is so exciting and fun and worth the smoke. Last night my friends and I met at one of their apartment before heading to a sangria bar. I have high expectations for sangria (my friend, George, makes the best sangria I've had and I've been attempting to recreate it) so I was a little unsure about this place. Arriving at the bar - a small little shop by Odeon we asked the owner for a table for 6. We ordered a pitcher of sangria for the 6 of us and were pleasantly surprised with their rendition of sangria. It was so yummy and apparently quite popular because every other table in the bar had a pitcher of sangria. I love finding little place like this in Paris. I sure will miss it when I get home.

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Loulou said...

You were at 10Bar! Yes, everyone orders sangria there :)
Glad you're having such a good time!