Wednesday, November 14, 2007


One of my favorite places in Paris is Monoprix - it's the Target of Paris - groceries, linens, make-up, clothes and all sorts of other random goodies. I love their selection - they have the widest variety of cereals, fresh produce, all sorts of pastas, sauces and cheeses and super prices! But the nearest one is a 15 minute walk and hauling groceries home (let alone walking in the chilly weather) is a pain. BUT today my friend announced a new grocery store opened 5 minutes from my apartment - and not just any grocery store but a MONOP!! It's basically a monoprix with only groceries. They have all the goodies from an ordinary monoprix and a whole lot closer! We ventured there today and my roommate is now making tacos and I got stuff to make a delicious salad!! The next few weeks will be so much better now!!

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