Monday, December 17, 2007

Il neige!!!

You would think studying abroad would be super fun and not too much school food. But no! I have seven finals! I had four today, one tomorrow and two on Wednesday! oh la la! My finals today went well luckily and now it's off to one last Pizza Pino dinner with my roommate and her friend! Oh how I will miss the Champs-Elysses! Today while studying at school my friend ran downstairs exclaiming it was snowing! Being from California I had to run upstairs and see the snow for myself. I was slightly disappointed that it was only flurrying! But still, snow is snow! I may just get a white Christmas - well the week leading up to Christmas! I just checked the weather and it was a toasty 32 degrees! So cold! I just hope my toes doesn't freeze off.



how many classes are you taking??? What the hell!

Lara said...

I'm taking 5 but two of my classes have two exams - well two parts! eww!!!