Monday, May 26, 2008

Mexican Candy

In Paris, my roommate - Lorenza - had a secret stash of Mexican goodies - salsas, rice, soup, and best of all candy. I had never heard of it before but the second I tried it, I was hooked. My favorite was the little tubes that reminded me of Push Pops - the flavor was sweet and spicy and tangy. When we finished her supply my friend, Oona, and I were so disappointed that we would never enjoy Mexican Candy again!! I was slightly heartbroken until yesterday while at Olvera Street with my mom I found Mexican Candy again!!! I screamed a little and my mom thought I was crazy but oh goodness I was happy!! I bought a few pieces and they're already gone! I must go back!! Luckily, I have the bottle of chili powder Lorenza gave me to eat with apples to satisfy my needs!

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