Monday, May 26, 2008

3 for $20

My roommate has been wanting to watch Juno for a few months and last night we finally had some free time. We decided to go rent it but when we got to Blockbuster we were overwhelmed with all the options. We were debating between Waitress and Atonement - we both really wanted to see Atonement but heard it was sad and she wasn't in the mood for a sad movie. Right next to the check out counter was a table with a huge sign "3 for $20" - talk about good marketing. Totally perfect placement, right after we checked out the family in line behind us looked at the table too! My roommate was delighted and was looking through the titles and found both Atonement and Waitress. Instead of renting for $5 she decided to make an investment and bought the movies. We asked Alex, the guy working the counter, for some advice and he recommended American Gangster. So she bought all 3 and now I can't wait to watch!

Waitress poster from


Diane said...

BEEFOUT, Keri Russell's my favorite actress and our entire apartment has been obsessed with 'Felicity' since freshman year. Let's watch 'Waitress' together, por favor??

Imagination said...

Atonement has the best sound track I've heard in many years... and the little girl that plays Briony will probably be the next Helen Page!!!
You should rent it!