Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm in the Mood

Maybe it's because I'm just antsy to move back to LA but I am seriously dying to fix up our apartment. I think this summer has me focusing on life post graduation (that's a scary thought!) but on the bright side, I cannot wait to graduate, find a cute place to live and make it lovely. I just wish I had a sugar daddy to finance it all cuz my real daddy said he's stopping the checks come graduation - how rude! I spent most of the evening browsing different magazines and came up with some fun ideas of how to decorate my apartment. It's clear I like simpler ideas but with a splash of color and creativity. I've always dreamed of a white couch but my mom has convinced me it may not be the best idea (I'm having nightmares of spilling red wine or chocolate) - but it looks so nice. Maybe I'll have one and just not let anyone sit on it!! The picture of the dining room is lovely with the robin egg's blue ceiling and the wood floors. I love the idea of the wallpapered wall with a collection of images. The bed is perfect with the beautiful headboard and extra storage space surrounding the bed. I would die a happy lady with the vanity and closet space in the last picture.

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Mrs. C. Phillips said...

That dressing room is awesome! Totally my style! It's simple, but so lush. The wall and floor colours totally make it, and that stool is just amazing. I'd finish the room off with a chandelier and a dressing/makeup table, more chairs and closet space, and a faux fur rug!
Oh, and that 3rd piece in my appliance selection is a hood for over the stove!