Friday, July 4, 2008


My baby sister (I know I know, she looks more like my older sister, but I swear I'm older!) is such a delight. She has the best sense of humor (her witty remarks have made some of the most unbearable moments actually entertaining) - she always says what's on her mind. She's a strong girl and I love her more than anything. I miss her pretty face, heck I even miss fighting with her. She's teaching swim lessons in Irvine while I'm interning in the Bay Area. I can't wait for August 15th to move back home to get to see her. I don't think I fully understand what a cool cat she was until just recently. It makes me happy when my friends tell me how much they love her. I'm thrilled she's doing well in school and can't wait to see her be Nurse Lizzy. This pic is from when her, my mama and my brother came to visit me in Paris. My words don't do her justice - you really gotta meet her to fully appreciate how terrific Lizzy is.

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MrsKatherineA said...

what a sweet read! Sisters are the best :) You guys are so cute!