Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I subscribe to Daily Candy but rarely get the chance to actually read it the day it arrives in my mailbox.  Today I not only got to read the scoop on LA but also the weekly travel tip.  It was on honeymoon destinations and while I'm no where near  planning one of those, I did fall in love with Corsica.  

Daily Candy says, "The island is as rugged and crazy as France and Italy get, which, okay, isn’t saying much. But, damn, it’s beautiful. Hotel Casadelmar has sweeping Mediterranean views (book the higher floors) and lazy beaches. Rent a car and tear into the twisty, mountainous countryside — take D368 to Zonza, D69 to N193 (don’t. look. down.), then D84 through Scala di Santa Regina (stopping to skinny-dip in the Forêt d’Aitone), and out to the beach at the Calanche. Speed limits be damned. 

Simply Travel says, “Flawless beaches perfectly complement the lush countryside of this Mediterranean jewel. With crystalline waters shot with piercing hues of turquoise and aquamarine, it’s easy to see why the ancient Greeks called Corsica ‘kalliste’, ‘the most beautiful’.”

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean with beautiful blue beaches and darling French cafes and boulangeries. The island's once belonged to the Italian city-states of Pisa and Genoa and in the 1700's as Genoa declined, Corsica was ceded to France.  While the British briefly occupied the island, Corsican-born Napoleon Bonaparte re-instated French Rule.  

Corsica isn't just a beach destination - it offers delicious a mixture of Italian and French dishes and Corsicans take their food very seriously.  Traditional dishes include tianu, a rich game stew cooked slowly to maximize flavor and tenderness, agnellu, a type of lamb barbecued with fried peppers, cingale, wild boar marinated in red wine and brandy with herbs and fennel.  Don't forget the local fresh seafood - tuna, monkfish, scallops, eel, mussels and lobster.  The country is also known for brocciu cheese made from goat's milk and used in pasta dishes.  Combined with delicious desserts and local wines, how could you not want to visit?!? My mouth is already watering.

Shopaholics, take note.  There is plenty of shopping in Corsica - big stores as well as small independently owned shops.  Travel sites suggest purchasing handmade baskets, pottery, jewelry, perfumes and local delicacies - honey, olive oil, and cheeses. 

The local beaches are to die for - spectacular turquoise waters, perfect for relaxing and soaking in the sunshine. You can hire boats to cruise the beautiful Saleccia beach or go windsurfing . As well as lounging at the beach, there are plenty of trails to explore in the hillsides.  There are several festivals celebrating all sorts of things including Brocciu cheese in May, Jazz in June, Bastille Day in July (complete with fireworks!) and Napoleon in August.  

If you've decided you need to visit, here's some advice on getting there from lonelyplanet. 

photo credits to lonelyplanet, google and Hotel Casadelmar.

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Courtney said...

Swoon! This place looks amazing. And like the ultimate retreat of a vacation!!

Thanks so much for the 'official' introduction. I'm having a ball discovering new blogs and learning so much about such incredible people - like yourself! Now, I'm off to read more on this blog because you had me hooked with this getaway and the statement necklaces. xx