Thursday, April 16, 2009


Before I tonight, I could bake, sauté, roast, boil, dice, blanche, whip, and poach no problem. Ask me to grill something and I'd run away in the other direction. I love a good steak but I've always been to intimidated to cook one because I have absolutely NO idea how to. My roommate and I made steak once but it was severely undercooked and I was too scared to eat it. But since moving home I've been on this big cooking kick and planned a nice steak dinner. I even found a recipe that had me cooking the steak on the stove and I figured "Score! I can do this!!" My dad called on his way home from work and was horrified I wasn't planning to barbecue them. So tonight, I got a little lesson from "le grillmaster" aka my pops on how to build a fire, prepare the grill and cook the meat. The steaks were quite tasty and now I'm all ready for my party next month. I can't wait to practice my new skills!!
photo credit {flickr}

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