Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot Hot Hot!

It's been scorching hot in the Southland and while the sun's great it's been a little too hot. I'm talking well above 90 degrees. It's April, for heaven sakes! Spring time, not summer yet!! Luckily, I started teaching swim lessons on Monday.  The afternoons are spent under the sun teaching little ones how not to drown.  While it's loads of fun to play with the kiddlets, I'm not enjoying the sore back and legs from lifting the kiddos and squatting to be on their level.  
I'm digging this vintage pool party and contemplating getting a little backyard pool.  I've been teaching for two days and already have a nasty speedo tan so I need a little something to even out my tan-lines!  Mornings spent in the comforts of my backyard and then afternoons at the city pool, can life be any sunnier?
photo credit melissa marie

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