Monday, June 8, 2009

Graduation Round One!

I had the best time in Cambridge! I love love love Boston and while I didn't have the chance to see much of the city, I did enjoy spending time in Harvard Square. Wednesday was such a blur {thanks to that oh so lovely red eye} but I do remember a luncheon in the yard followed by a wonderful Class Day. It's the Seniors' big day - four student speeches {which were all so terrific, I definitely made note of the advice despite being a Harvard co-ed. Matt Lauer {swoon, I know!} was the keynote speaker and I was lucky enough to be in the second row!! 

Thursday was the big commencement with the undergrads and grads. When being announced all the grad schools cheered with little trinkets - the divinity school wore halos, the education school held up books, and the law school cheered with gavels. There was such a positive energy and happiness at the ceremony! The undergrads headed back to their houses {at the end of the of freshman year all students are assigned to a house and spend the next three years living there} for their names to be announced and a luncheon. 

Celebrating graduation!! 

H lived in Lowell House and there's a whole history to their bell tower. Apparently the original bells were rescued from Russia during World War II - one of the very few whole sets. The bells rang proudly in the Lowell House tower until just last year, when they were returned their homeland. The Russians gifted Lowell House with a set of bells made specially for their home. The housemasters explained the whole story at graduation and I was so impressed. The bells are beautiful and I had no idea of their history.

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