Monday, July 6, 2009

Camp Kindle

I got involved with Camp Kindle through Dance Marathon at UCLA. DM is a 26 hour non-stop dance "party" fundraiser supporting three Pediatric HIV/AIDS organizations. One of the beneficiaries is Camp Kindle. Two summers ago I volunteered as a camp counselor and consider it to be one of the best weeks of my life. I'm doing it again this summer and cannot wait. My cabin is the 13 year olds and as of now we're the "Pirates Booty". This summer will be Camp Kindle's 5th anniversary in California, and between the California and Nebraska camps there should be around 200 campers attending this year.

It cost 1,000 dollars for each child to come to camp which includes travel, meals, sleeping, and all programming. I truly appreciate your support in donating any amount you can. Please remember, every penny you donate goes directly to helping a child attend Camp Kindle. I know times are tough so if you can donate a dollar, great. $5, even better!! $25, you're far too generous.

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