Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet my little sister, Lizzy. All of my friends who have the great fortune of meeting her immediately decide they like her way more than they like me. I can't exactly blame them because she is pretty cool. And I'm just pretty.

Whenever people tell me how much they love Lizzy, I feel like showing them this picture but that wouldn't be fair. And this picture wouldn't diminish how terrific she is. They'd still love her!

I do love her to death. Mainly because she's so silly and fun. She did the mud run with a few of her friends and whenever I see this picture I just die of laughter. How could I not?!?
The white dress is from her Senior Recognition Event {so yes, boys, she's still single hehe}. I'm so proud of all of her accomplishments. At the moment she's taking pre-nursing classes. She wants to be a nurse and I think she'll be the best nurse ever. We lifeguard together and she's always called in to help with the bloody noses and cuts because she loves to examine the whole situation and make sure the patients are all healed. I usually run the other direction at the sight of blood {I know, great lifeguard, right?!?}. She's also a swim teacher and my favorite days are when I have the joy of watching her teach. Sounds a little creepy, but I teach too so it's not that bad and she's so sweet with the kids and is such a good teacher. The parents have no idea how lucky they are.
Like I said, she's a pretty cool chica, and this picture captures the essence of Lizzy. She gives the best pedicures {which I usually have to beg her for} and she always stands up for me. Well, unless she thinks my idea is pure crap and then she lets me know exactly how she feels. Sisterly love is so sweet, huh. But really, I couldn't think of a better sister or any one I'd rather have as my sister.


Anonymous said...

I love Lizzy, too.

Isabel said...

Such a sweet blog entry! Arent sisters the best?! =)

Oh and your an awesome sister too, so she is lucky to have you!

MrsKatherineA said...

best post ever!