Friday, October 5, 2007


My art history class took a trip to Giverny today to visit Monet's house and garden. Vernon, the town where Giverny is located, is about an hour outside Paris on a train and once in Vernon we took a short bus ride to Giverny. The small town is very cute. There are lots of pretty houses surrounding Monet's house. Here's one of the houses along the walk from the bus to Monet's house. I suppose it's more than one house in the courtyard but they're all beautiful. My friend Duncan and I wanted to go knock on the door to see if we could have a tour or perhaps purchase the house so we could say we're Monet's neighbors.
Then once we entered Monet's house I was in awe of the beauty!! There were so many beautiful flowers - my teacher was telling us how a lot of them were imported from Asian and other countries. Apparently Monet's neighbors didn't like how much money he spent on the garden but it's so beautiful.
After exploring the gardens for a bit we ventured over to the pond. The pond is actually across the street from Monet's house and it is so peaceful and calm. The pond itself it pretty large and there's a path surrounding the pond that you can walk around. There are beautiful trees - the prettiest weeping willows and lots of greenery. It's so crazy to imagine Monet sitting here painting the beautiful pictures!!

My friend Duncan and I on one of the bridges in the water lily ponds.

Here are some pretty flowers in Monet's Garden. I wanted to pick them all and make pretty bouquets to put up in my apartment. But I don't think they would appreciate my desire to fill my apartment with beauty so I resisted.

This is Monet's house. They have a cute little tour of the house. My teacher was telling us about his scandalicious life and many children. His house it gorgeous though. I'd kill to have gardens like his.


Anonymous said...

so beautiful. such a magical place!


Paloma said...

What a beautiful place!