Thursday, December 6, 2007

l'As du Falafel

Every Tuesday, my friends and I have this little tradition of going to get falafel after architecture class. It's probably the highlight of my week. Waking up on Tuesday is extra special because I get to see our falafel friend. The Jewish quarter is two steps from my school and so we make trips there often. Our favorite place was closed for two weeks so we had to sample the other falafel stands and none of them were no where nearly as delicious as l'As. Luckily it reopened and is better than ever! The way it works is you stand in line outside the little window and a man comes up, you pay him and get a ticket. Then once you get to the window you give the ticket to the man and order your specific falafel. We go so often the man outside has finally recognized us! The other day we went and he gave us French kisses!!! swoooon. I've never been happier. And the men inside have been recognizing us and giving us extra falafel balls! It makes my life so happy! I may just have to fly back to Paris to visit l'As! I hope by the end of the trip I'll have a picture with all the falafel men!

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Anonymous said...

omg, i love this picture! it is SO cute